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Our PCAB Certified Consultants have taken ground-up accreditation projects and successfully earned pharmacies full accreditation status. We offer 3 tiers of consulting services for  both sterile and non-sterile compounding. Each PCAB accreditation candidate is directly handled by a compounding pharmacist to ensure the highest quality service is provided.

In order to cut down the cost of becoming PCAB accredited, ITL Consulting has streamlined the process by trimming the time needed to reach compliance with PCAB's comprehensive standards. We take pride in allowing our clients to co-develop their own unique consulting program to fit their organization needs. 

Our methodology is different for each practice and focuses on delivering each of the following objectives as efficiently as possible. 

  •  ACHC application process  
  •  Policies & procedures review & revision
  •  Plan of Correction
  •  Operational implementation and documentation 
  •  Equipment and facility standards compliance


We're Accredited now! What's next? 

Often times the costs of becoming PCAB compliant can present a financial strain on pharmacies. In order to reap the benefits of PCAB accreditation we offer further services to ensure pharmacies reach the level of profitability they expect from their enhanced practice.  These services include: 

  •  Operational compliance cost analysis 
  •  Quality assurance program assessment 
  •  Marketing strategy execution guidance 
  •  Market forces & competitive analysis 

Talk to a compounding pharmacist today to learn more about how to get maximum return on your PCAB investment! 

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