Hospital & Health-Systems 


With our hospital and health-system partners, we strive to achieve maximum efficiency with cost considerations across the pharmacy department. Sterile preparations for hospital patients must be delivered safely and consistently whether from a centralized location or on-site operation. We recognize that hospital pharmacies deal with large expectations and minimum staff allowance. Our goal is for our hospital partners to focus on the clinical side of pharmacy like direct patient care, medication error reduction and other clinical interventions - while we provide concise consulting on the quality issues that must be addressed to deliver safe and effective sterile medication. 

One way provide immediate value is by presenting quality assurance findings from our audits to management and cross-functional hospital teams to improve both quality and efficiency in sterile compounding practice. The data and interventions we offer help to decrease preventable adverse drug reactions, limit board inspection violations, improve work flow efficiency and result in tangible cost savings. As with each of our clients, we work to achieve the results that make the biggest difference for your practice setting. 

ITL Consulting is currently working with hospitals and health-systems to:

- Align pharmacy activities with CA requirements

- Reveal gaps in compliance and recommend changes

- Establish and implement 3rd party analytical testing program

- Reduce overall risk associated with sterile compounding

- Establish a framework for ongoing compliance 

- Assess facility compliance and structural needs

Process Frameworks & Analytics Empower Health-Systems

Contact a pharmacy compounding consultant to discover how ITL Consulting can empower your institution 

Contact a pharmacy compounding consultant to discover how ITL Consulting can empower your institution